Michele Palazzo
Italian by blood, Architect by training, and Photographer by heart. Visual storyteller, weaving narratives through people’s movements and emotions.

He lives and operate in New York.

His photographs of architecture and life in the city have gained great acclaim, especially a recent series taken during Winter Storm Jonas. The rich, deserted winter cityscapes capture an enchanting side of New York City often obscured in modern times, and offer another glimpse of what makes the the city such a unique place.

“I like to watch people and travel with my imaginations in their lives. My photos are tied to people and their environment, their movements and emotions, I’m interested on those little quirks that connect us as humans. It’s that sort of mundane daily things I want to document, and slowly it became a daily routine for me. It makes the world a little closer, especially in NYC.”

EyeEm: streetfauna

APA Member


National Geographic Magazine - December 2016 - Italy

Polka Magazine #33 - 2016 - France

FotoMAGAZIN #4 - April 2016 - Germany

Digital photographer Magazine - UK


Travel Photographer of the Year 2016 - First Price - Category CITIES - ARCHITECTURE & SPACES

National Geographic Italia: First and Second Price - Category Luoghi e Paesaggi

i-Shot by Leica: Premium Photo Competition 2015 - First Price

i-Shot by Leica: Child Photo Competition 2015 n.6 - Mark of Excellence

i-Shot by Leica: City Competition 5 2015 - Mark of Excellence

i-Shot by Leica: Black and White Photo Competition 4 2015 - Mark of Excellence

International Photographer of the Year 2015 - First Place Category: Architecture: Cityscapes

Fine Arts Photography Awards: Cityscape 3rd Place Winner

MIFA (Moscow International Photo Award): First Place Professsional winner 2016, Category: Architecture-Buildings


#UNSEEN Art Project by Giorgio Casu & Michele Palazzo
5.6.2016 / 136 Bowery Art Space, New York City

SUBTLE SHIFT Art Collective
6.18.2016 / Two Bridges Gallery Building, 35 East Broadway, New York


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